Hello, world! Or, Welcome to Perfect Price

In our first blog post we wanted to tell you why we’re working so hard on pricing. The three word summary: pricing is broken.

The web has brought unprecedented price transparency for consumers, leaving to lower margins and tighter competition for sellers. But with it, the web and mobile bring unprecedented knowledge to sellers: retailers ignore more data on consumer behavior than they collect. This leads to inefficient markets, disappointed customers–and lost profits and revenue. All because of price.

Perfect Price takes the data that is at companies’ fingertips and puts it in the palm of their hand - as pricing decisions, not just pretty dashboards. Companies seeking strategic pricing insights get powerful data science and segmentation enhanced with literally any kind of outside datasource they could dream of: the weather and competitor pricing to name but two.

But pricing doesn’t live at an offsite: you probably think about it every day. That’s why we’re building easy to implement and easy to use tactical, everyday pricing weapons. With Perfect Price, you can bring a gunship to the pricing knife fight.

We will publish what pricing insights we can here, as well as discuss the technical challenges we encounter along the path.

Image credit: Wikipedia.

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