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Outlier AI Podcast: The Business of Rental Cars with Perfect Price

Posted by Alex on July 31, 2017

CEO of Perfect Price, Alex Shartsis, joins CEO of Outlier AI, Sean Byrnes, to discuss AI and the business of rental cars.


How ACE Rent A Car eliminated no-shows with price optimization

Posted by Alex on June 20, 2017

Imagine putting on a performance for an audience–but nobody shows up. Sucks, right? Some people just lived with that reality, figuring, it's normal. But Kevin Stutz, CEO of Ace Rent A Car, thought differently.

Here's how Kevin took on an industry scourge–the no show–and won. With real numbers.


The First Artificial Intelligence Partnership in Car Rental

Posted by Alex on June 16, 2017

We're delighted to announce a new partnership with Rate Highway, a leader in pricing automation, to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to the car rental industry. 


Automate with AI and grow your team

Posted by Alex on May 3, 2017

A popular misconception about artificial intelligence (AI) is that it will replace humans. Just like machines on the factory floor, these robots-in-the-cloud will do the jobs of everyday people. While it now seems clear that manufacturing robots do eliminate human jobs, the same is not true for AI. In fact, quite the opposite.


What launching rockets can teach us about revenue management

Posted by Alex on April 25, 2017

Would you promise to send a rocket to Jupiter before you proved you could get one into space at all?


$1 rental cars

Posted by Alex on April 3, 2017

The International Car Rental Show is a once a year gathering covering everything car rentals. For $695 you get to spend a few days in Las Vegas with some of the most interesting companies in the industry.

Three subjects dominated. Artificial intelligence made up 90% of my conversations. But the other two were perhaps more surprising. 


Why car rental revenue management is more complicated than nuclear physics

Posted by Alex on February 27, 2017

Did you think car rental companies make money from renting cars? 


What Westworld teaches us about pricing

Posted by Alex on December 7, 2016

Who doesn't love Westworld? Turns out artificial intelligence is a real thing right now. And I think it's more than just wanting something new to watch on television after the election. 


Customer Segmentation

Posted by Alex on October 26, 2016

Pricing is complicated. Today we make it simple: with segmentation. And, lemonade stands.


How to test a new pricing model without changing anything

Posted by Alex on October 19, 2016

Have you ever wondered, what would happen if we made a big change to pricing? I don't mean try ending a few prices in $0.99 or $0.95. No. I mean changing everything!