Top Ways Tech Can Help Property Management Companies During COVID-19

We asked our partners at Guesty, one of the leading Property Management Systems, how Property Management companies could leverage technology in the rebound from COVID -19. Here are the Guesty Team's Top 3 recommendations for vacation rental managers. 

As property management companies work hard to keep their short-term rental businesses running in the face of COVID-19, they’re quickly discovering the critical role that technology plays in navigating the new obstacles and demands that have emerged during this period. In fact, many experts are seeing coronavirus as the catalyst that will prompt this community to upgrade their tech stacks.

With so many tech solutions available to streamline the most vital aspects of your rental business, taking this downtime to get on board with some of them will keep you a step ahead of the competition — both during and after this pandemic.

Take a look at some of the top ways tech can help your property management company during COVID-19:

  1. Ensure productivity and enforce new protocols

New protocols for cleaning and sanitizing properties -- as well as “new normal” requests like grocery deliveries, hand sanitizer and masks -- mean new tasks for your team. To stay on top of these changing needs, you should consider using an automated task management tool that allows you to determine a series of tasks per listing. This way, you can easily assign jobs like cleanings, laundry services and more with preset start and finish times, so you can track your team’s progress. You can make the most of checklist features to add any additional steps within a task, such as refilling hand sanitizer bottles at the end of each cleaning.

Whether you are using a task management tool within your property management software or integrating with an external tool, like one of the ones in Guesty’s Marketplace, this piece of technology is especially critical as we practice social distancing, since it allows you to assign and monitor tasks from afar.

In addition to assigning and tracking tasks, a trusted task management tool allows you to automatically send reminders to your staff to make sure they are practicing necessary safety protocols at each stage of their assignment.

2) Keep guests informed & satisfied at all stages of their journey

When communicating updates related to coronavirus -- whether they’re about health and safety protocols or discounted rates -- it’s important that guests receive your messages promptly. With automated messaging tools, you can set multiple layers of messaging to be automatically sent at every stage of your guest’s journey. For example, you could trigger a pre-check-in message to highlight how you’ve been sanitizing your properties between guests, or you may want to update upcoming summer guests about the latest changes to your cancellation policy. The ability to set and forget these auto-messages will save you hours of time while making guests feel cared for throughout their experience with you.

If your rentals are located in a region with unique safety or travel protocols in place, automated messaging will be key for preventing any potential cancellations by keeping guests informed well in advance regarding everything your team is doing to adhere to regulations and keep them safe.

3) Reduce human contact

For many property managers, one of the most challenging obstacles of coronavirus has been maintaining five-star guest experiences without in-person service. Fortunately, there are a number of tech solutions available that allow you to automate key aspects of your guest experience, such as check-in and check-out, without sacrificing your high level of service.

Keyless entry systems like those in the Guesty Marketplace will allow you to remotely provide contactless entry to your properties and streamline guests’ arrival process. Once guests are in your rentals, ‘wow’ them with a home automation system synced to your property, regulating everything from lighting to temperature settings to keep them comfortable. You can further reduce the need for face-to-face contact by supplying a range of digitized services such as accepting credit card payments for in-home services, or providing branded in-app rental manuals. The key is to create a completely seamless experience that is even more convenient than in-person assistance.

Not only are operations, communications and guest experience all critical to your business’s success, they are also areas that are crucial to ace in order to mitigate the impact of coronavirus. For that, we must rely on the technology and solutions available that can streamline and automate your business in order to save you time and keep your business on track.

For more resources to help rental property management companies navigate coronavirus, visit Guesty’s Coronavirus Infocenter or download our latest, insight-packed guide with tips from property management companies across the globe.


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