Artificial intelligence is "steroids for business"

Posted by Alex on October 3, 2017

After interviewing key industry CEOs, Jim Kramer of Mad Money thinks that AI is "like steroids for businesses". Here's 2 simple reasons why he's right.


Automate with AI and grow your team

Posted by Alex on May 3, 2017

A popular misconception about artificial intelligence (AI) is that it will replace humans. Just like machines on the factory floor, these robots-in-the-cloud will do the jobs of everyday people. While it now seems clear that manufacturing robots do eliminate human jobs, the same is not true for AI. In fact, quite the opposite.


Announcing the Last Book You'll Ever Need on Pricing Online and Omnichannel

Posted by Alex on May 17, 2016

Hot off the presses, the team at Perfect Price wrote a book on how you can leverage behavioral based pricing to find margin and accelerate healthy growth in your business.