McDonald’s plan to put “supersized” data to action

Posted by Alex on April 17, 2019

McDonald’s recent acquisition of the Tel Aviv-based AI startup, Dynamic Yield, is an exciting move, demonstrating that the 63-year old fast-food chain is looking for ways to stay competitive. Like many large enterprises, McDonald’s has long recognized the value in data, collecting large amounts of data on everything from tractions to customer behavior. However, data is only as valuable as what you can do with it. The acquisition of this new machine learning and AI technology demonstrates the company’s intent to put customer data to work.


Cannibalization and channel conflict

Posted by Alex on September 13, 2016

A millennial chose to watch netflix at home on her 70" TV (for which she paid around $500) instead of paying $17.69 for a bad seat in a crowded movie theater. What makes this remarkable?