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Key Features of the integration


AI-Powered Dynamic Pricing 

Using the latest market data, our robust Artificial Intelligence (AI), predicts market fluctuations in demand, calculating the perfect price for each of your listings. Prices are dynamically generated and deployed back to the PMS every single day.

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Never get caught off guard

With easy to use dashboards that give you excellent visibility into your data in Guesty, never be surprised by low occupancy or trailing revenue again. Health bars show how each listing is performing, and where you should be focusing your attention.


Keep Track of the Competition

Your AI will use an unsupervised pairwise similarity algorithm to recommend comparable properties to track – and then let you adjust so it can reflect exactly how you see your market. See exactly what comparable properties are pricing for the next year at a glance, and how those properties compare with occupancy so far this year.  

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Dynamic Minimum Stays

Using custom-tailored policies, you can easily override your minimum night stay defaults in Guesty, to maximize occupancy during different seasons, day of the week, far-out or last-minute bookers — including the most powerful and flexible gap ("orphan") night tool in the industry.


Manage your calendar at a glance

Your booking calendar and property listing data are directly synced up with your Guesty PMS. View daily pricing breakdowns, for visibility into every price, and easily override any price instantly. 


Every market is different, what events are affecting you? 

With Perfect Price's events table, you can see major events affecting your market that could be impacting your prices. Want to take a more aggressive response to an event? You can easily create pricing rules accordingly, to override the AI, setting pricing exactly how you want it. 

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