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    VRMA Arrival: 2020 Technology Challenges and Opportunities

    Editor’s Note: This survey was done in January of 2020, prior to COVID-19. We’re sharing it here for your benefit. Perhaps it’ll be a welcome respite from COVID-19 emergency measures. We hope above all it is useful as things return to normal. And in the meantime we can all reminisce on the good old days, 4 weeks ago, when some worried about Airbnb’s cut.

    The vacation and short-term rental world is changing rapidly. The disruption Airbnb began 12 years ago has only grown in scope and scale. Now, online travel agencies (OTAs) and traditional hotels are even getting into vacation rental.

    It can be hard to keep up.

    Perfect Price, the leading AI dynamic pricing software provider, values intelligence and transparency. It’s how great companies keep up–and get ahead. So, we surveyed property managers to learn what challenges and opportunities they are facing, and are delighted to be able to share that intelligence with the whole vacation rental community.

    Much of what we learned will not surprise you–though it may offer some comfort to know your peers are facing the same challenges you are. And the truly courageous and shocking strategies people have tried might open your eyes to new opportunities.

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