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    The First Artificial Intelligence Partnership in Car Rental

    We're delighted to announce a new partnership with Rate Highway, a leader in pricing automation, to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to the car rental industry. 


    Michael Meyer, founder & CEO of Rate Highway, and his Southern California team have been working hard for over a decade to enable car rental companies to improve their business through smarter pricing. We're building on that legacy together.

    Artificial intelligence for car rental pricing

    Michael and I share a vision for the future where pricing is smarter, companies are more successful and customers are happier. 

    What is the partnership? It means you can:

    1. Recapture time 
    2. Recapture revenue and profit
    3. Increase growth and delight customers

    Our vision is exciting enough that Auto Rental News took notice. We hope you get excited, too.

    I'm a major. Why do I care?

    Artificial intelligence will do for car rental what Google did for search. Regardless of how big your team is, or what you have invested already, artificial intelligence is the next generation and will outperform existing solutions.

    Consider the future of the industry. Artificial Intelligence can handle everything from Uber to peer-to-peer car sharing. Getaround saw a 61% increase in revenue using Perfect Price. Uber's head of pricing is on our advisory board.

    Are you ready for these threats?

    I'm a revenue manager. Will AI replace me?

    No. But AI will make you more productive. Think of AI as the next step in automation. Before, part of a rate manager's job was to run around and shop rates and key in new prices. Automation solved that. Now, AI solves doing forecasting and optimization, freeing you up for higher level tasks.

    I am new to revenue management. Is this for me?

    For customers new to revenue management, the partnership makes it easier than ever before to benefit from revenue management without a full time employee to manage it.

    By acting just like a crazy skilled human, the AI manages your rates to maximize your goal automatically, even considering the market environment like a top notch analyst would. As your business grows and experiences success, you may choose to add an employee down the road. But in the meantime, the AI will have you covered.

    Nothing is priced optimally without hard work. Every single day, you lose money–even if your business grows quickly, could it grow faster? Perhaps you cannot budget for software and people to run it. What if you could start with just software?

    I'm a Rate Highway customer. Is this for me?

    For customers already using Rate Highway, the partnership enables them to level up, layering in frighteningly accurate forecasts and deep optimization–while keeping the market awareness and competitiveness Rate Highway excels at.

    Key aspects of the integration include the ability to:

    1. Leverage existing pricing automation integrations, including franchise integrations.
    2. Test AI carefully, keeping existing automation running.
    3. Enable AI for franchisees, improving their profitability and health, with a single central integration.

    How can I learn more?

    Michael and I will be hosting a webinar in July to dive in to how the integration will unlock value and find lost revenue for current and prospective customers. 

    Or, contact us to schedule a demo.