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    Announcing the Last Book You'll Ever Need on Pricing Online and Omnichannel

    Hot off the presses, the team at Perfect Price wrote a book on how you can leverage behavioral based pricing to find margin and accelerate healthy growth in your business. 

    Based on the work we do every day, this book is the practitioner's guide to catching up with Amazon–or whoever you compete with–whether you sell everything under the sun, or have carved out a profitable niche. It even has a lot for manufacturers selling through channels who are newer to the wild west of the internet. 

    And not only will you benefit from our own work, but also you'll gain wisdom from our investors and advisors who also contributed. These include the former CMO of, current CMO of, a former general manager of the two largest Amazon categories, the research of Columbia Business School's premier pricing expert and founder of three pricing science companies, and a host of consultants and other experts. 

    In spite of its pedigree, this book is not an academic's book. It's for marketers, merchandisers, financial types and planners–and executives–who hate reading but love taking action. Between concrete examples, backed with hard data, and strategic anecdotes, you'll find things that would surprise you–and might not even mean you have to change your prices. 

    For example, did you know that one of our customers changed the photos on their product pages and saw a 25% increase in conversions? This behavior stuff works. 

    If you're going to read just one book this summer, go read the new J.K. Rowling Harry Potter book. But if you want to read something that might actually change your life, get you that promotion, score you that Series C round of financing–then this is the book for you.

    Click here to download the free PDF, or get the print or Kindle version over here