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Outlier AI Podcast: The Business of Rental Cars with Perfect Price

CEO of Perfect Price, Alexander Shartsis, joined CEO of Outlier AI, Sean Byrnes, to discuss AI and the business of rental cars. This podcast is part of Outlier AI's Data Driven Discussions podcasts. 


Best Practices in Car Rental Pricing

Founder and CEO of Rate Highway, Michael Meyer, discuss best practices for managing rates with Alex Shartsis, co-founder and CEO of Perfect Price.


Silicon Valley Pricing & Perfect Price

CEO of Perfect Price, Alexander Shartsis, discusses price optimization and dynamic pricing techniques today. Focused on retail, apparel, ticketing, rental car, hotel, airline and other revenue management categories. Discussion of Uber, Airbnb and more! Watch

Machine Learning & Pricing with PPS

Watch CEO of Perfect Price, Alexander Shartsis, discuss machine learning and pricing with the Professional Pricing Society (PPS). PPS is the world's largest association of pricing professionals, and usually asks tough questions! Watch