Why Perfect Price?

Success in pricing demands a modern approach that leverages your company's data and integrates seamlessly with existing technologies and services.


Artificial intelligence for massive data sets

Whether your business spans the globe, or is in one region, AI will enable an accuracy and efficiency that will unlock new approaches to your biggest strategic problems. By freeing up your team with accurate prices, simulations and more, you'll react faster to the day to day changes–and major industry shifts.  

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Highly adaptable to your use case

Legacy pricing software forces you to use its strategies. Perfect Price enables you to execute the strategy that works for you. With extensive customization and configurability, your team is getting a tool that will enable it to drive the results you need. 

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Flexible control and easy deployment

Start small, prove effectiveness, and increase adoption. This is how the best companies manage pricing–from Amazon to Uber–and with Perfect Price, you can too, with total control over how and where prices are deployed. Want approval workflows? Great. Want to automate everything? You can do that too.

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Deep expertise and support

Pricing transformation isn't just about science and optimization. Our dedicated pricing strategists are there for you throughout the onboarding and launch process. Whether they are helping you clean up a data export so that you can get a simulation run, or talking through how to calculate impact for a presentation to your CEO, they've got your back.

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Best Practices in Car Rental Pricing

Michael Meyer, CEO of Rate Highway, and Alex Shartsis, CEO of Perfect Price, discuss best practices for managing rates. 

  • 3 key actions the most successful companies do with prices every day.
  • How to calculate lost profits from inadequate pricing strategies.
  • Utilization and where you should manage it–and where you should let it manage itself.

Learn all this and more!

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